The True Self Therapy Journal provides a framework that will guide you in your personal growth process, but allows for flexibility for you to use it in a way that works best for you.

Get more out of your therapy experience

The Journal is a tool to help you think about how you want to use your sessions, what you’ll take away from each session, and things to work on in between. An intentional focus for the work in and outside of therapy is what makes the difference in your overall process.

Move forward in your growth process

The direction and focus provided by the Journal framework means you’re less likely to get stuck in your healing process. But if you do get stuck, you have a guide to help you get moving again.

Grow in self-awareness

Regular self-reflection is a key part of any personal growth experience. The Journal provides reminders to reflect and the introduction includes questions for you to consider in your writing.

Focus your recovery

160 Numbered pages with an Introduction with suggestions of how to use the journal. Sections include: Intention setting; Self-care and support; Session pages, Reflection pages.                        Size:  5 1/8" x  8 1/4".

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